The McCrory Timmerman building is 33,000 square feet of work, play, exploration, and living space into the historical heart of downtown Taylor, Texas. It is the cornerstone building that anchors the northwest corner of Main and Second Streets and features prime retail space, secure spacious loft apartments, creative and exhibition spaces for artists, and modern office suites including incubator offices to help foster young entrepreneurship.

It’s a strong building, one that was built properly. It has a solid foundation and wings of steel, layers of sturdy brown brick and miles of hardwood floors. It is named for the entities who have come before us, those who have added to it’s history. McCrory – the department store that anchored the downtown intersection of Main and Second Streets, and Timmerman – the name of a gentleman who had a vision for this building but sadly did not live long enough to realize it.

Curb Side Coffee House is Taylor’s premier coffee shop. They are located on 2nd Street in the McCrory Timmerman building.

Curb Side Coffee House exclusively features Cuvee Coffee.

2nd Street Farm to Market Deli

2nd Street Farm to Market Deli is Taylor’s grab and go hot spot. Stop by the deli to choose from our selection of made-to-order goodies. Or, use our app to place your order ahead of time and stop by to pick it up.

Upcoming Events

We like to think of the McCrory Timmerman building as a vital part of the Taylor community. We invite you to join us at any of our upcoming events to experience the vibrant culture and camaraderie of the businesses within the McCrory Timmerman building.

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