Produce Box Pick-up

March 28, 2020 @ 3:00 pm
2nd Street Farm to Market Deli
118 W. 2nd St.
2nd St. Farm to Market Deli
Produce Box Pick-up @ 2nd Street Farm to Market Deli

Sign up for a produce box and start eating healthier. Chose from one of four boxes and set how often you would like to have a box. Here are your choices:

Entree – set around a meal

Salad – features produce to make a variety of salads to either be the main course or addition to any meal.

Kiddos – This introduces kids to vegetables and fruit in a fun and exciting way. These include a kid-friendly recipe and surprise as well.

Prices vary based on kind and size but range from $28-36. Please call the deli of more information.

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