As residents of Taylor, we have a strong commitment to the community and the people who live here. The McCrory Timmerman Building is a landmark structure that mirrors the strength and character of generations of cotton farmers, merchants, tradesmen, and cattle ranchers who have made Central Texas their home. For one hundred twenty eight years, it has anchored the corner of Second and Main Streets downtown, and today, it welcomes new residents and businesses that are reviving a country town with a noble past.


The McCrory Timmerman Project introduced 33,000 square feet of working, playing, exploring and living space into the historical heart of downtown Taylor. The old cornerstone property situated on the North West corner of Main and Second Streets (State Hwy 95 and Federal Hwy 79) is currently under renovation. It features prime retail space along Main and Second Streets, secure spacious loft apartments, modern office spaces custom designed to suit the tenants’ requirements, creative space for exhibitions, and 6 incubator offices to help foster young entrepreneurship.


The upper level hosts 4 true loft apartments ranging in size from 950 square feet to 2,000 square feet. The lofts have soaring ceilings up to thirteen feet high, full window walls with Juliette style balconies overlooking Main and Second Streets, state of the art chef designed kitchens, and spacious bathrooms with spa level fixtures and private laundry facilities.


The western portion of the building houses premium space for office suites. Downtown Taylor boasts state of the art fibre optic cable and multiple towers ensuring clear strong wifi signals, all beneficial for hosting web based correspondence and meetings. The McCrory Timmerman Office Suites provide all the amenities required for successful business practices without the wasted time spent in city traffic.

All office suites can be custom designed and tailored to suit the tenants exact needs.


As prices for quality office space rise in neighboring communities, Taylor remains committed to helping new businesses build the strong foundation that is paramount for survival. In this tradition, the McCrory Timmerman Building will create 6 small office spaces to serve as a small business incubator. These spaces will be made available at a reduced rent for up to 3 years per tenant. This opportunity will allow young entrepreneurs to explore the boundaries of their business and build grow into a solid future.


The creative class, whether they be software writers, musicians, painters or dancers, add depth and quality of life to the community they practice and live in. The McCrory Timmerman Project is committed to providing space for the creative class to work, create, and exhibit. Throughout the progress of the projects development, a number of spaces will be made available for artists to work and exhibit.