Austin-American Statesman: The 6 best coffee shops to get work done in Round Rock, Georgetown and beyond

Coffee combats the sluggish feeling we all know too well in the mornings, so it’s to no surprise that finding the perfect coffee shop is the key to focusing on getting work done. Starbucks could be go-to for coffee fanatics and workaholics, but who wants to go to a crowded spot when there are many local coffee shops that are more authentic?

Below are the five best coffee shops based on location, free Wi-Fi and aesthetic that will keep you focused on your to-do list.

114 W. 2nd St.

Taylor, Texas

This quaint coffee shop is the perfect spot to eat lunch while sending a few emails. Curb Side Coffee House makes simple yet delicious lattes sourced from local coffee purveyors Kiva Han and Steel Cup, and bakes all of its good in-house. The shop serves fresh food they prepare each morning, and customers can choose from creamy chicken salad sandwhiches, specialty bagels and more.


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