Top Honors Awarded at Chamber Banquet

Judy Blundell and the McCrory Timmerman Restoration Project Awarded Top Honors at Taylor Chamber of Commerce Banquet

Taylor, TX  – January 19, 2017 – Judy Blundell, received the Taylor Rotary Citizen of the Year award this week at the Taylor Chamber of Commerce Banquet. Blundell has been a Taylor resident for fifteen years. During that time, she was influential in promoting Arts in Taylor and surrounding areas. In 2013, Judy Blundell and Mark Nibbelink purchased the property on 201 N. Main street and initiated the McCrory Timmerman Restoration Project.

The McCrory Timmerman Restoration Project, spearheaded by Blundell, was awarded The 2016 Business of the Year Award at the Taylor Chamber of Commerce. The McCrory Timmerman Restoration Project single-handedly pumped life back into a sleepy downtown of a once booming small town.

In essence, the McCT Project has become its own economic development company recruiting over twelve businesses to join the project and creating three more businesses including a deli, coffee house, and an entrepreneurial commercial kitchen.

As often reiterated by the citizens of Taylor; Theresa Pore, the 2017 Chariman of the Board for the Taylor Chamber of Commerce, said it best, “the recognitions are well deserved. Your [Blundell] contribution to our community is immeasurable.”

The McCrory Timmerman Restoration Project is 33,000 sqft building located in downtown Taylor, Texas. It is home to the Texas Beer Company, Curbside Coffee House, 2nd St. Commercial Kitchen, 2nd St. Farm to Market Deli and many more businesses. There is opportunity to be a part of the project with business spaces still available. Downtown Taylor has some of the most beautiful historical buildings in Central Texas.  The McCrory Timmerman Building was born of the idea that community is key.  Given the opportunity, most people enjoy the interaction that occurs in a small local shopping district. The success of this project reinforces the concept a country town while simultaneously challenging local residents to take a chance and start a new business, to explore their talents and ideas and add something positive to the town they call home.

The Taylor Chamber of Commerce provides support to local businesses and guidance for the business community in Taylor, Texas.

For more information, contact Kelly Eddleman, Assistant Project Manager at the McCrory Timmerman Project. You may also find additional information on our social media links: