A New Year

The McCrory Timmerman Restoration Project has  crossed into the new year and everything is just a little bit ahead of schedule!  Special thanks are due to our onsite teams who worked and worked and didn’t let up over the holidays.

As a result, the building is fully insulated with 8 inches of BioTex natural soybean base foam, the floorboards on the upper level have been reinforced and soundproofed, and our stunning arches have been restored to their original beauty.

Catherine Sckerl of Espero Studio has joined our team and will help us qualify for LEED certification.  The natural thermal envelope provided by 16” thick brick walls combined with the BioTex foam, the Uniflex “Cool Roof,”  and the double glazed operable Solexia windows have us hoping to obtain at least a LEED Silver rating.

From the very beginning we have promised local businesses that we would try our best to create additional parking as opposed to claiming existing spaces for the loft and retail tenants.  We even considered creating a drive through parking garage on the ground floor of building B.  But happily for us, the building next door became available and it has an existing parking area for 10 cars behind it.

The newly purchased building will be known as the Titsworth Building in honor of it’s original purpose,  Titsworth Furniture,  and will be the new home of the Taylor Artist Guild along with a few other Taylor locals who are committed to creative industries.